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Time Designed – Geformte Zeit

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Tamawa in « Designed Watches », ART AUREA magazine, Summer 2013:

« Using the term ‘designer watch’ referring to a high-quality timepiece is almost an insult. This is hy we prefer so speak of distinctively designed watches. Examples by Max Bill, the famous artist and protagonist of ‘Good Design’, master watchmaker Rainer Brand and the jewelry designers Carl Dau, Günter Wermekes and Hubert Verstraeten. Stefan Motzke, a designer for international brands and co-proprietor of the Tu Ego Atelier in Ulm, helped us to rate and ‘judge’ the watches. » by Reinhold Ludwig.



ART AUREA Magazine, Angewandte Kunst, Schmuck und Design, Deutsch/Englisch, Sommer 2013.



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