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Grand Prix Design Parade 2012

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In 2012, the Grand Prix Design Parade was awarded to Julie Richoz (Switzerland) graduated from Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne in Industrial design.

Taking inspiration from her observations on systems or materials which fascinates her, Julie Richoz re-appropriates their essence in order to create objects which exhibit a playful and ingenious simplicity, as illustrated in the series Arrotolare and Bouleau.

Bouleau, Julie Richoz copyright Julie Richoz



The series Bouleau takes its inspiration from a round, industrial, metal clamp. Even though it is made out of a rigid material, the quasi-crenelated, cut-out form of the clamp makes it more flexible. By translating this to wood, one obtains a similar flexibility. The waste paper bin and the desk tray Bouleau are made of a supple, birch plywood, a metal ring, and an aluminium base. All of the items are held together thanks to the elasticity of the wood. Beyond its practical uses, the cut-out design of the clamp, translated to wood, fashions the aesthetic of the series.


Inspired by the movements of a crumb collector, made out of rolled metal, the desk set Arrotolare collects everything that rests upon the desk, in a single movement. Halfway between a desk pot and a desk tray, the containers are just as often placed horizontally as vertically, revealing or hiding their contents as they are turned towards, or away from us. Consorting with one another, the different items within the set embrace one another, thus creating an ensemble. Each design exhibits a simple construction, based upon a sheet of metal that is cut out, bent, and then sealed with a plastic stopper.

For more information, please find the link to her website www.julierichoz.ch (her objects including Bouleau, Arrotolare, Fierzo –  and books).

This year, the jury was composed of François Azambourg, designer, Paris President of the jury, Fernando Amat, Vincon, Barcelona, Lionel Blaisse, author, Paris,  Giulio Cappellini, art director, Milan, Paloma Canizares, PCM design, Madrid, Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, designer, Paris, Ex-aequo Grand Prix Design Parade 6 winner, Raymond Guidot, author, Paris, Didier Krzentowski, Galerie kreo, Paris, Inga Sempé, designer, Paris, Brynjar Sigurdarson, designer, Lausanne,Ex-aequo Grand Prix Design Parade 6 winner.

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