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Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

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Empathy – from 14th to 31st March 2013

The eigth edition of the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne places prospective at the centre of its programming, exploring the major issues of society, and revealing through design the innovations which will influence our life tomorrow. The Biennale is founded on the principle of calls for applications, and a confrontation of the points of view of invited curators and exhibitors: it cultivates a non-permanence – and sometimes even a certain impertinence – by offering for each new edition different places to visit, and different curator’s standpoints to discover.

The choice of the theme of empathy results from an intuition, and a collective reflection. Many philosophers and sociologists consider there is an urgent need to re-think a society based on increased respect for the human community.

Empathy proposes an alternative vision and shape of the world, thanks to this capacity to comprehend and to understand the feelings and emotions of others. And empathy possesses an extraordinary investigating force. Is it a skill ? an attitude ? is it a pertinent form of knowledge ? how to reconcile empathy with creation ? Should we forget ourselves to respond to the needs of others ? What then is the role of creation? These interlocking questions can provoke passionate debate at a precise time when practices are being developed to find ways of placing the individual and his uses at the centre of innovation.

WikiCell, 2010, François Azambourg et David Edwards / WikiCell Designs, Edible food packaging*

Collection Axor Bouroullec, 2010, Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec / Hansgrohe, Module de vasque en trois niveaux moulé d’une seule pièce*


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Tamawa @ Corifeo The Gallery 1-23 Maart 2013

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The Gallery

from March 1st until 23rd

More info on:

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New Tamawa website available soon!

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Our new Website will be online soon!  We'll keep you posted… 

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Kleurrijke Juwelen met Ballen

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De Gazet van Antwerpen heeft ons atelier in Brussel bezocht !


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Michel Bonvin/ Photographies 2008-2012, La Grenette, Galerie de la ville de Sion, 2 février – 10 mars 2013

Né en 1978 à Sion, Michel Bonvin vit et travaille actuellement entre l’Allemagne et la Suisse. L’exposition porte sur l’ensemble de ses préoccupations artistiques : son travail personnel sur le paysage, sur l’architecture, ses travaux de commande en collaboration avec des designers, des artistes, des graphistes, des architectes et, pour la première fois, une sélection d’images de son quotidien Am Sonntag. La scénographie est conçue tel un itinéraire autobiographique réunissant les différentes facettes de ce photographe valaisan, installé à Berlin depuis 2009.

A travers un mélange des codes (travaux personnels et commandes) alternant sans cesse photographies construites et scènes saisies sur le vif, Michel Bonvin nous entraîne dans le quotidien berlinois et valaisan, en se jouant parfois des clichés culturels et identitaires. Le visiteur est balloté en permanence entre les moeurs valaisannes (convivialité, tradition vinicole…) et la culture berlinoise (design, mode, vie nocturne…).

Blur Collection pour BIG-GAME design studio – 2009

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Top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts from Belgium

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The Belgian website for Expats in Brussels has made a Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts from Belgium… and our Ball Lamp designed by Big Game is one of their favorites!

Top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts from Belgium

Whether you like it or not, it’s all about love on February 14. And even though your partner might have said they don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, chances are they’re expecting a little something anyway. Here are a few Belgian suggestions for a lovey-dovey gift.

Did you know that bakelite, the early plastic, was a Belgian invention? It was developed in 1907 by Leo Baekeland. Gradually, bakelite was replaced by new materials, but Belgian brand Tawama is planning a revival. (Tamawa means ‘sphere on a ring’ in Japanese). The key element in all their creations is the bakelite sphere, which they’ve given bright colours and used to decorate rings, cufflinks and much more.

One of their great pieces is the red champagne stopper, a shiny and pretty bakelite sphere that keeps all the lovely bubbles in the bottle. Or how about this lamp? It would look good on most bedside tables and light up many amorous nights… or keep you company while reading a romantic novel.

€248. Available from Smets (

See website for other stockists; 

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BOZAR Shop closes its doors

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BOZARSHOP associates have decided to close the doors after 5 years.

According to the shop manager Pierre Lefèvre, the business model did not take sufficiently into account the market evolution, since it was mainly based on CDs, DVDs and books sales. Furthermore, this was quite a big challenge to open this specialized museum shop in a period of economic moroseness.

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Mondes électriques

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Exposition Mondes électriques jusqu’au 17 mars 2013 à l’espace Fondation EDF – Paris

La collection « électrique » de Tamawa se compose de la Ball Lamp (design BIG-GAME) et de la suspension Ray (design Sylvain Willenz). La boule de bakélite, disponible en une gamme de sept couleurs, alliée au verre blanc ou au tube de néon est le gage d’une intégration délicate à l’habitat, des zones de travail ou des halls d’exposition.


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Champagne Stopper for the festive period!

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Ideal present for Christmas, Tamawa Champagne Stopper is available in 7 colors:

blue, black, red, pink, orange, yellow and purple.


Price:  55 € (+15€ shipping costs)


Buy it now! ================================================>

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Glass is Tomorrow

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Promotion of high level craft and design in contemporary glass making.